The LarvalBase-Project was started in the beginning of 1998 in close conjunction with FishBase,  the largest data base on finfish worldwide (FishBase). However, FishBase holds little information on ichthyoplankton and lacks detailled data on fish larvae identification and rearing. The LarvalBase-Project aimed to close these gaps. 

LarvalBase is a comprehensive information system on fish larvae that are relevant in the field of fisheries research and finfish aquaculture, combining traditional sources such as primary and “grey” literature. In addition, data from various sources as Internet and e.g. from practising aquaculturists, even in developing countries, are considered to be valuable for the database.

The information base for aquatic sciences and fisheries is growing at a staggering rate. However, access to this widely scattered informations is difficult; this is especially true for developing countries. This is the situation, where a well-focused database can help. LarvalBase is a supplement to FishBase, providing data on larval and juvenile stages of fish.

LarvalBase was published in close integration with FishBase on CD-ROM/DVD  and in the Internet and follows the same publishing policy.

LarvalBase was presented at numerous occasions, specifically in training courses in developing countries.

New scientific output based on synoptic analyses of the data sets is being published in journals.

The project was proposed in 1998 by the World Fish Center (former ICLARM, International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management in Manila) and IfM-Kiel (Institute for Marine Research in Kiel), funded by BMZ for 4 years and established at IfM-Kiel. Responsible project leader was Dr. Bernd Ueberschär under supervision of Prof. Rosenthal, both cooperating in close conjunction with the coordinator of the FishBase-Project, Dr. Rainer Froese.

At present, no dedicated funding is available. however, the service is still maintained. We are seeking for new funding opportunities to continue the extension of this important repository on specific knowledge  about larvel and juvenile fish.

For more informations or if you feel interested in this project and if you would like to become a collaborator, please check the  and the Cooperation page and contact the coordinator of Fish- or LarvalBase.